Sunday, 9 January 2011

Helping rough sleepers and homeless clients throughout the year.

During the Christmas period, homeless organisations received great and valuable support from the general public. Many received donations of clothing, food, bedding, and money. But will this support continue as the year progresses? I fear that whilst the cold weather and life on the streets continue the levels of support will quickly dwindle. 

  How can we encourage the general public to help rough sleepers and homeless clients throughout the year? What can the public do as part of their every days lives, regardless of the time of year, to help tackle homelessness? 

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  1. You can donate small electrical items to hostels, many residents will move onto their own accommodation and will be struggling to furnish their homes, so a TV or radio would be really helpful.
    Also, offer pots and pans, so that residents can cook for themselves.