Sunday, 12 June 2011

Working to bring resources, services and teams together for maximum effect.

One of the aims of The Spike is to bring together teams within the homeless sector, from across the country and possibly the world and to share our knowledge and experiences. We hope that by doing this we can maximise service potential within this sector and work more efficiently and effectively with rough sleepers and homeless clients on the front line.

The Spike is now using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and we hope to reach a variety of services and front line workers. Support is steadily growing, we have 156 Twitter followers, 43 Facebook friends and we recently joined LinkedIn. Please join us and take part.
Facebook (Homelessness Outreacher or The Spike group) or Twitter at TheSpike2010

We have used the MindMeister tool to create a quick link base to various support services used within the homeless sector by front line workers. This diagram breaks down possible needs and then provides (in most cases and where possible) a website link to that service or resource.


Give us your comments about this tool and tell us what you would like to add or remove from it.