Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Expulsion of Homeless EEA Nationals.

The Roma people and many others have left their native countries and moved legally to a fellow EU Member state in search of a better and more prosperous life. Many of these people are, however, unable to find work and are soon perceived to be placing a burden on their new country.

It is clearly evident that many people who find themselves in this position are desperate to avoid deportation to their native country. A fact best demonstrated by reports of outreach workers finding people cooking and eating rats just to survive(see link -

An inevitable result of this situation is an increase in the number of rough sleepers as people at risk of 'disappearing' in an effort to avoid deportation.

As a long established EU Member should the British Government take responsibility for these people and provide them with the same benefits and services as a British Citizen? Or, are they just an additional burden on Britain?

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  1. Update of last comment,

    France have been told by the European Commission that is faces action over the expulsion of the Roma people. It must adopt EU rules on freedom of movement by 15th October. For more information see the BBC article